Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pre-marital/Pre-30 year old Sex is B.A.D.

Sex Will Make You Go Blind

I love this guy's articles. He's a bit on the ranting extremely liberal side, but I like that about him. :P


Blogger Ian said...

Oh no... You had to point out a writer I've been known to despise! Hope I'm still welcome to post again after this little tirade... :)

It's not that I disagree with him... Monford is even occasionally funny when he's not *too* obnoxious, but he's every bit the patronizing, substance-thin, 'pro-wrestling entertainment news' source as Bill O'Rielly. Even if you enjoy a Monford article, does it ever really tell you anything you didn't already know? Does he change any minds at all? He's just there to play to a perenially liberal crowd, with no obligation to be constructive, well-researched or insightful. Tucker Carlson in reverse.

Maybe it's just my experience living in the south talking. I just hate to see 'progressives' that don't actually attempt to make progress. Jon Stewart is a solid act because he attempts to balance his comedy with uniquely candid interviews (I love to see how his guests choose to use their time).

umm anyway, nice blog! And I can't believe your internship is up! Come back to us soon, Rosie!
- Ian

11:47 PM  

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