Monday, April 21, 2008

Poot Post

Can't put up as much stuff as I'd hoped. But HERE'S what I can offer:

One of my big assignments for clothed figure class is to draw/paint a character from the past, present, or future. I started with a few thumbnails, and a classmate and I ran off to take reference photos from there. I was pretty excited to dress up in the civil war uniform actually, because one of my favorite indie comics is "Rose and Isabel" by story guru Ted Mathot. I'd like to think I was channeling a bit of Rose then.

Despite the fun w/ the soldier and caveman, I think I'm gonna go with the reclining dress pose, using oil paint on illustration board. The lighting and folds in the drapery are clearest in that photo. Progress so far: (in the 3rd one, I painted digitally over the photo of the painting)

Also, here's the work in prog of my pops:

and some in-class drawings, ranging from 5 minutes to several-hours-long poses: