Monday, November 08, 2010

Dragons of Atlantis art dump

I've disappeared for a while due to APE, and the massive undertaking that was Dragons of Atlantis, which was art directed by Kate, buildings art was illustrated by Chantrelle, and the animations were done by Hye Won ("Denny") and Sabrina. It the biggest feat done in the shortest amount of time for me, and I literally had to switch 180 degrees from the previous style I was working in. It took a long time for me to pick up helpful techniques in realistic concept art, rendering, and overall painting, and Kate and I were simultaneously trying to figure out which direction the style should go in (i.e. more rough and sharp shapes geared towards macho, or more anatomically correct yet universally appealing).

I love investing the time to learn a different style, new techniques, and develop an intuitive feel for the effect I'm trying to capture, but I still feel like I'm only 20% of where I want to be. It's hard to get good and quick at this stuff when you're basically just teaching yourself, though many friends have helped me along the way. I think that with practice, patience, the determination to understand and execute intelligently, I will become faster, better and looser. Overall, I am extremely grateful for the opportunities and challenges I've come across during my time at Wonderhill, and now Kabam (my company got acquired!).

Here's a good chunk of my work over the past few months, starting from the oldest at the top to the most current at the bottom.

***Humans ***

*** Dragons ***

***Anthropus ***

***Most Recent***


Just to assure you that I'm not abandoning all fun and charm and cute for the sake of realism, here's a 5 minute doodle: