Monday, December 11, 2006

Doodle Dump

Sketch Crawl this past Saturday was really fun! It rained later in the day, but that ended up enhancing the experience as all the crawlers huddled into the Zoo's main restaurant. There we exchanged sketchbooks and drew humans instead of other zoo critters. I'll post up my stuff from that soon.

Meanwhile here are the sketch assignments I've been doing for my mentorship. Each subject is drawn three times: the 1st being a direct reference, the 2nd I reference the first drawing, and the 3rd is drawn from memory w/o reference. The point of the exercise is to learn how to "see," how to draw the whole gesture quickly while learning to compose the picture well. The second goal is to feel comfortable drawing anything and everything, from architecture to difficult shots in movies.

Reference: "The Iron Giant"

Reference: Ronnie Del Carmen's drawing titled "Door".

And here's some other recent paintings:

"Tilden Park," pastels.



My boyfriend showed this to me recently. It's an ongoing occurence that I should find out and actually see awesome things much later in my life. However, I'm still glad to have seen this, and for those who haven't yet heard of "Kiwi!", click that play button!