Friday, April 20, 2007

Round 4

I Cut the boy out and replaced him with an intimidating thug; also tried cleaning up the shots, relying much more on camera movement/acting. I'm still figuring out what to do with the ending. I don't want it to be too dialog heavy, making it short and sweet but still getting the point across (she did a brave thing, she failed, but someone she least expected appreciated the courage it took to try).So I'll continue to think out ideas for the ending, but am still trying to see how to make certain points of the story more believable (the embarrassment when she's late to class and when she forgets the words, and the ending). I have a feeling a lot of that will also do w/ the pacing, which I'm going to try out in Aftereffects or Motion.

Finally, these boards will be presented on May 6 at a tri-artist art show. I invite everyone who is able to come to attend this. Here's the info:

A huge thanks goes to USF's Visual Arts department, which is hosting the event and funding most of it. If it weren't for the dedication of the faculty and staff, the event wouldn't be happening. A special thanks goes to Pamela Blotner, who has been driving each of us to put on this show and get out there in the art world.