Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Final Stretch

So one more week before the art show. One more week left to finish the storyboard, turn it into an animatic in After Effects. One more week of -hell-. There's been tons of support all around from everyone, and I really, really appreciate it. I don't know if I could've gotten this far without it! Danielle, Tiffany, and I are really kicking our own asses to make each of our projects great, and I look forward to when we all get to show it. Meanwhile, I'll continue to drop stacks of event flyers all around the city, hoping to get enough interest from all over. (last Tuesday I got a huge free box of condoms/lubricant from a community center in exchange for them letting me leave a stack of flyers there... had to use both arms to carry it)

Last week we did some fundraising on my University's campus. Danielle and I drew portraits, Tiffany did Polynesian dancing, another student did some crazy yoga/gymnastic tricks, and in the end we attracted folks of different ages and raised lotsa money!

Oh, and I decided to switch back to a biology major and hold off graduation for another couple of years, since art was way more stressful than I'd bargained for. Just thought I'd let you guys know!