Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cafe quick paintings

Here are a couple of lightning quick paintings done at a cafe.

Whenever I find myself in a creative block and really tense, I see it as a cue from my mind/body to take a break. Sometimes the last thing you should do at this point is force yourself to work more, though if you're being lazy, that's the FIRST thing you should do! I find changing my work environment (i.e. from home to school, or school to home, or home/school to cafe, etc.) and randomly drawing from life to be pretty useful tricks to get the artistic juices flowing. If nothing else works, I go run and play outside in the sun.

What do you do to unwind?


Inspirational artist:

Emily Barrera

This talented lady is all about character, and fortunately for me I know her personally! Emily's work is unique and charming in storytelling and design, much like the artist herself!

Check her out:

Emily's Blog